Orbital Space Domain Knowledge Modeling

Ontologies & vocabularies for the astronautics community.

To connect, search, and model data & systems with terms, metadata, taxonomies, and classification schemas from ontological knowledge models.

NEWSPaper invited for publication in the Journal of Space Safety Engineering.
PROJECT GOAL – a community knowledge modeling suite to support spaceflight.
Personal goals: to build ontologies for NASA and other orgs. A studentship on this topic.
NEED – contributors, mentors, resources to develop. And to join you on similar projects.

Desired Functional Goals:

Explore the Vocabularies

Browse & search for terms in astronautics, SSA, & STM. See definitions from various sources (facilitates common understanding)

Discover Interrelationships

View terms in a structured way: taxonomies & classifications. Identify metadata for your data. (Facilitates reasoning and data exchange)

Experience a Unified Model

Modular ontologies as knowledge models. View computable taxonomies, presented in a linked visual knowledge graph.

SUPPORT (HOW YOU CAN HELP) – please consider…


Earth image credit: Arek Socha from Pixabay.

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