Orbital Space Domain Knowledge Modeling

Ontologies & vocabularies supporting the space community.

Providing consistent, accurate, and reusable terms, definitions, and computable models as standards for the global spaceflight and astronomy community. To search, connect, represent and describe space, data & systems with metadata, taxonomies, and classifications from ontological knowledge models.

As unfunded work by the author, opportunities and donations are welcome.
SEEKING: work collaborations, PhD study opportunities & stable support to sustain development.
Contact here or Schedule a Partnership Discussion here.

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PROJECT GOAL – to complete this suite of knowledge models to support space.
PERSONAL GOALS/NEEDS – (i) To do this work in a funded way: as a PhD student, or through an employer or formal collaboration. (ii) To build ontologies with (and for) spaceflight organizations.

Desired Functional Goals (need your help to achieve):

Explore the Vocabularies

Browse & search for terms in astronautics, SSA, & STM. See definitions from various sources (facilitates common understanding)

Discover Interrelationships

View terms in a structured way: taxonomies & classifications. Identify metadata for your data. (Facilitates reasoning and data exchange)

Experience a Unified Model

Modular ontologies as knowledge models. View computable taxonomies, presented in a linked visual knowledge graph.


Earth image credit: Arek Socha from Pixabay.

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